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Discover ONE Internet Marketing Secret
that Can Deliver $1,000 (or More) in
Recurring Income, Month After Month,
For Every 38 Customers You Attract

NEW Online Seminar Creates Automatic Recurring Income for You
in a Topic You Love, Even if You're Intimidated by Technology…

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Dear Friend,

Former Beatle, Paul McCartney once said to John Lennon before writing a new song:

Let's write a swimming pool!

What he meant is that any talented song artist can easily generate enough money to build a swimming pool, a car, a dream vacation, or just about anything they want.

What if you could do the same online? That's why I want you to accept this special invitation...

In a moment, I'll prove that you really can make money on the internet.

There's far more to that famous quote than most people realize, because you can be a "rock star" online if you're open to learn from us.

Look, when the Beatles wrote a hit song, the money didn't just come in once, it continued to flow forever.

The money keeps pouring in even now, 47 years later!

Consider just one of the more than 300 songs that the Beatles recorded: "I Wanna Hold Your Hand."

Remember it?

It came out in 1964 (the same year I was born) and in 576 months since its release, Paul McCartney and John Lennon's estate have been paid monthly recurring income to the 'tune' of countless millions of dollars whenever it's purchased, played on the radio, or performed.

The same concept is possible online, using the power of a very special type of website.

Make sense so far?

Click here if you're ready to register now for the special online seminar...

The Compounding Effect of Passive Income

Imagine if you attract and enroll just 38 new customers each month paying you $27/month. Have you thought about what your recurring, passive income will be after just 3 months?

If you're still wondering, take a look below:

Month 1 Income: $1,026
Month 2 Income: $2,052
Month 3 Income: $3,114

By month 12, you can expect $12,312 in cash transferred into your bank account!

It really gets exciting by the end of Year 2 because just 912 members will give you $24,624 each month, month after month.

And here's the best part: Even if you lose 50% of your Members, you'll make over $12,000 a month without having to pay a single penny more on advertising, marketing or promotional costs!

That's the power of residual income, a.k.a. recurring, or passive income - they're just different words to describe the effortless process of receiving ongoing payments for new product or service offers your "members" ask for.

Who Am I and Why am I Writing You?

I could go on and on why building your own membership site is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to financial freedom. But because I realize this sounds like hype, let me to introduce myself.

My name is Alex Mandossian and I've generated over $233 million in sales and profits (for myself and my partners) during the past 17 years. Partners such as Peak Potentials, Dale Carnegie Training, Donald Trump, Sam's Club, Harvey Mackay, Jack Canfield, BNI, New University and Agora Publishing, just to name drop a few.

Despite my accomplishments with world renowned thought leaders and best-selling authors, my proudest accomplishment is the ongoing devotion from over a quarter million work-at-home entrepreneurs — probably just like you — who I've taught to permanently get on the accelerated path to early retirement and financial freedom.

The method I teach students to take back control of their time freedom and money making power by utilizing the most misunderstood passive income vehicle in business today. It's an 8-letter communication and distribution medium that you probably use every day ... the "INTERNET."

And the best way to attract permanent, passive income online is to build, grow and expand your own membership site. Owning your own membership site is like underwriting your own life insurance policy where you get paid month after month.

I have many friends with membership sites who already make enough money not to even need life insurance. Their membership sites ARE their legacies. It's like going to heaven without the inconvenience of dying.

So what's the Internet marketing secret that's your passport to passive, recurring income that we'll teach you build? The Ultimate Membership Site!!!

The Ultimate Success Secret

Sadly, most online entrepreneurs struggle by trading their time for money with product launches which some insiders feel are obsolete. Think about it. If you launch a new product, you get customers without creating a community. But with this type of website, we'll teach you how to create your unique, profitable, community.

Here's the simplistic equation they unconsciously live by:

One Hour of Your Time Can Equal $50, $100 or $250

$250 per hour may seem like a lot of money, but the ugly truth is, whenever you stop working, you instantly stop generating income. Whenever you launch a new product offer, you automatically take yourself back to the Industrial Age. You work hard each hour to get paid an hourly fee.

The redundant pattern is "the more you work, the more you earn."

Maybe you can relate to this type of work ethic. If your parents grew up during the time of the Great Recession, it's natural for you to live into this work routine. But I bet trading hours for dollars can be painful.

It's frustrating. Even humiliating.

Typically, most entrepreneurs and small business owners discover they have far too much month left at the end of the money!

Consider the minimum wage in the U.S. which is just over $7 an hour - Can you see how it's nearly impossible to get wealthy trading time for money? Anyone can make a million dollars throughout their lifetime. The trick is to compress the time-frame so you make a million dollars in a year.

The Little Known Secret that Only Rich People Know...

The rich want residual income. They seek it. And they get! Don't you also want to own your piece of the "residual income pie?"

In the beginning of any venture, the rich are over-worked and under-paid. But as time passes, they are under-worked and over-paid. The rich don't settle for trading hours for dollars. They prefer recurring income to get paid over and over again for work they did just once ... often many years ago!

Their money keeps coming in, and even grows every month! That's what passive income can do for you too. And the fastest, easiest, most economical way to create passive income online is by creating a profitable membership site.

Click here to discover how to create a membership site from scratch.

Meet My Membership Site Building Partners

Andrew McCauley

Eric Lingenfelter

Andrew McCauley is not only a trainer, but he's also the Director of Coaching for ClickAndBeFree.com, LLC, an Internet marketing training company I co-founded with my good friend, T. Harv Eker.

Eric Lingenfelter is our chief technical trainer and Director of Web Development of ClickAndBeFree.com, LLC.

Each of the leaders I've briefly mentioned above is an Internet marketing master and leader in their respective area of expertise.

I've specifically asked them to join forces with me on my crusade to help as many people as possible to discover true financial freedom through the amazing power of creating a simple membership website.

Don't worry if you don't yet understand what a membership site is – all will be revealed and I believe you'll be amazed at what this opportunity means to you.

The Ultimate Membership Site Online Event...

You're invited to join us, online, for a game changing event called: "The Ultimate Membership Site Seminar".

It's the world's first event where you'll actually build your new membership site in real-time - right from the comfort of your own home - and walk away at the end of the course with a residual income-based site that's 'open for business'.

Click here if you're ready to register now...

Quite literally, you'll start the seminar on day one with nothing but your laptop, and you'll be dancing out of the room after the seminar with a shiny new, fully functional membership site, with new paid members!

So, if the thought of establishing your very own residual income online appeals to you, please read on for more details.

At Last... The Ultimate Solution for
the Weak and Worsening Economy

With the frustrating nose-diving economy we've seen in the past few years, you can probably relate to some of the following statements:

I'm guessing here, but my sense is...

  • You're tired of working long hours, only to be paid LESS than you're worth.

  • You believe that you deserve a better quality of life, and you'd LOVE to spend more time with your family and take regular vacations without worrying about how to pay the bills while you're travelling.

  • You want to have complete control of you and your family's financial future.

  • You're trying to rebuild your retirement fund that's been decimated by the recent economic turmoil.

  • You're fed up of slaving to build someone else's dream (your boss's maybe?)

  • You've tried various ways to make money ... but none of them have worked.

  • You just want to make more money so you can do more and give to your favorite deserving causes

Revealed...the Solution that Changes Lives!

Some of the lives that have been changed
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Remember the equation we looked at a moment ago, to show how most people trade time for money?

Well, to help you understand the solution to your money worries, here's the simple equation that produces recurring income for a membership site =

38 Members x $27 = $1,000.00 dollars EVERY MONTH.

Powerful, isn't it? Stated another way...

All You Need is 38 People To Give You $27 a Month Each = $1,000+ Per Month

You know, when most people think about making money online, they believe its hard work and difficult. So they buy a bunch of complicated products that claim to teach them the single 'secret' they need. Trust me. Making money online, yes even a LOT of money, just isn't that complicated.

You don't need to be a technical whiz
You don't need to be an expert copywriter
You don't need to learn all the traffic techniques
You don't need to know any 'gurus' in your marketplace
You don't need to understand anything about search engines
You don't need to spend money on advertising

And the best part is we already have the system to do that, which you'll implement while you're at the event.

Do some members drop out from time to time? Of course, but likewise you're not going to limit access to just 38 members. If you got 38 members each month (we'll show you how), and account for 15% of those dropping out, in one year you'll have a residual income of over $10,000.00 EVERY MONTH!

Please Register Me Now »

Look, it's not your fault if you haven't embraced residual income or figured out how to make money online. Why do I say that?

Because until recently it was too complex, too costly, too time-consuming, and too technical to start a micro-niche membership site.

And now the good news...

The pioneers of membership sites are the ones that have the arrows in their backs! They've already proven the power of online residual income, they've tested different membership concepts, and blazed a trail so that you don't have to.

We've now reached a point where anyone (and that means you), regardless of background or experience, can create a profitable membership website. Join us to do just that, and follow our step-by-step system during the online course.

If you know in your heart that you should be making more money, I'm delighted you're now discovering the first PROVEN and GUARANTEED system to create a membership site in a topic of your choice!

What Exactly Is a Membership Site?

I've used the term 'membership site' several times now, and those two words are the magical key to unlocking your fortune, so I want to be clear about what a membership site is.

Allow me to explain:

A membership site is an online, private community of people who pay a recurring fee to access information about a common topic of interest.

You've probably heard of "product launches" right?

The aim of a product launch is to attract new customers. Those customers have no special "affinity" with each other. And every time you want to create new customers, you have to launch a new product.

It's lots of work and it doesn't always work.

The aim of your membership site is to attract new members. Your members pay you a monthly fee of say $27, $37, $97 or even $997 per month (depending on your
market niche).

With a membership site, you ask your members what product or service offers they want most and then you give it to them!

No guesswork. No uncertainty. You ask them, they tell you and then you give it to them inside your members only community! It's that easy...

Click here to register for UMSS now...

Membership site marketing takes a little more time to get started (if you're doing it on your own), but the long-term payoff is huge!

Whereas product launches make you start from scratch capturing new customers every time you have a new product idea, members who are part of your membership site community pay you each month to advise you what new products to offer.

At UMSS, we hold your hand to accelerate your path to building and monetizing a profitable membership site. That's why it makes sense to click here and start!

Famous Membership Site Examples

Let's look at some examples...

Netflix is a popular service for people who want to watch movies online.

It's a membership site!

Register for UMSS Now »

People who seek their soul mate can use eHarmony to help them.

It's a membership site!

Register for UMSS Now »

Investors who want to learn and compare notes with other investors use MotleyFool.

It's a membership site!

Register for UMSS Now »

eDiets is designed to help people who want to lose weight.

It's a membership site!

Register for UMSS Now »

Obviously, these are some heavyweight industry-leading websites that are generating millions of dollars a month! Netflix alone is generating a whopping $263 million each month, and rising!

It's unlikely that you'll create the next Netflix, right? True, but 'behind the scenes' there are countless individuals who are making at least a thousand dollars a month or more (often a LOT MORE), with 'micro-niche', special interest membership sites.

Don't take our word for it, here's some examples:

FlowerArranging101.tv attracts people who want to learn flower arranging.

Register for UMSS Now »

RestaurantOwner.com provides resources for independent restaurateurs.

Register for UMSS Now »

UniversityOfMakeUp.com is a hub for people who are interested in learning advanced makeup techniques.

Register for UMSS Now »

DogProblems.com helps dog owners to manage their dogs effectively.

Register for UMSS Now »

JazzPianoLessons.com offers ongoing tutorials and support for people who want to learn how to play jazz style piano.

Register for UMSS Now »

BouncyCastleOwner.com is a members community for, you guessed it, bouncy castle owners!

Register for UMSS Now »

As you can see, there are all sorts of diverse, and some might say 'obscure' niche membership sites. Each one of their owners are raking in the cash, with a website that's both fun and profitable!

How can YOU create residual income with a membership site?

Here's the deal: We've created a unique 'quick start' system called...

The Ultimate Membership Site Seminar

Again, it takes place online, and we've already done the hard work for you by designing a proven system to create a fully functioning membership site!

We'll 'hold your hand' through the entire process of creating your new community membership site.  In fact, we guarantee you'll 'go live' to accept new, paying members, by the end of the course! It's risk-free, and 100% guaranteed.

This could very well be a life changing opportunity for you. Let me repeat what we're offering, because it's vital for you to grasp this...

We guarantee you'll 'go live' to accept new, paying members,
by the end of the course - 100% guaranteed!

Click here if you're ready to get started now.

Why Are Membership Sites
The Ideal Way to Make Money?

As the proud owner of a new membership site, you'll discover many benefits, including:

The ability to live anywhere, you just need a laptop and an Internet connection
Ridiculously low business costs (overheads)
High profit margins
Dependable residual income, potentially forever
No physical products to create, store or ship
You have an asset that increases in value, which you can sell in the future

Members Love Them Too!

Why are membership sites so appealing to members? Two words:

Content and Community.

They receive content in the form of articles, news, views, and high quality information.

The community aspect automatically comes from other members, via forums, discussions, and comments within your site. As you know, it's basic human nature to want to 'belong' to a group of like-minded people.

If you're into salmon fishing, with our system you can easily create a membership site for others who feel the same way, and charge them a monthly fee to access your content and community.

If you enjoy collecting recipes, you could create a membership site community of other foodies and have them share recipes and cooking ideas with each other.

If you've recently gone through a divorce, you could provide help and support for others with a membership community around that topic.

Are you seeing the possibilities here? And if no topic ideas pop into your head, we'll help you to choose something that you'll really enjoy.

And in case you have any doubt about the fact that people are happy to pay to belong to membership sites, consider the following...

"More People Than Ever are Spending Money Online!"

The fact that you're on this website probably means you have a computer that's connected to the Internet. It's also probably safe to say that you've bought something online. And of course you're not alone.

Consider this startling fact:

The Internet has already grown faster than the telephone, radio, TV, and the mobile phone, in fact it's the fastest growing innovation in history!

Here's a few more stats that show why you should take this invitation seriously:

There Are Almost 2 Billion Internet Users Worldwide
77% of U.S. Adults Use the Internet Regularly
Last year, Internet Users in the U.S. Spent $176 Billion on Products and Services Online
MILLIONS of dollars are spent every minute at popular online stores like Amazon.com, Ebay.com, Groupon.com and others.
(Sources: Internet World Stats and Forrester Research)

You can see that the Internet is NOT a fad... and to put it bluntly: The longer you ignore it, the farther you'll get left behind.

The bottom line: the Internet is the single most powerful business tool the world has ever seen ... AND when you attend the Ultimate Membership Site Seminar Online, you'll be given the skills to making consistent, ongoing residual income online!

Once you learn the 'insider secrets' we'll reveal to you in the training, with a few clicks of your mouse you'll be continually generating money over and over again, month after month.

Just imagine the thrill of watching new members signing up each day, as if by magic, from work you did just once to setup the site.

There are few things in life that match the excitement of hearing the 'cha-ching' sound of money being sent to your bank account while you put your feet up and enjoy doing something you love!

Frankly, the Internet is experiencing a gold rush of explosive growth. It's already created more millionaires than any other business model in recorded history.

Okay, at this point it might seem like just a dream to make money from a membership site. However, we're promising that when you attend the Ultimate Membership Site Seminar, you'll be given everything you need to make your dreams of having financial freedom a reality. Here's more details on that...

"The 'Follow Our Steps' Online Training is The Easiest and Fastest
Way to Build Your Membership Site and Make Money"

The Ultimate Membership Site Seminar will mark the beginning of an entirely new, liberated, prosperous, and truly remarkable life. You won't just learn WHAT TO DO, or simply HOW TO DO IT, but you will actually DO IT RIGHT THERE during the online event!

Let's get specific so you can understand EXACTLY how this will work for you.

PRE-TRAINING: We'll Bring You Up to Speed! Regardless of your current knowledge with using a computer and the Internet, we'll assume nothing and provide full support.

Before the event, we've created a special website just to get you up-to-speed. That means you'll experience our phenomenal pre-training in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Follow along the step-by-step walkthroughs where we'll guide you through the process of choosing a name for your site, a topic for your new community in a niche that you're passionate about, we'll show you how to start building your list and we'll also get you setup with a login for your control panel.

DURING THE ONLINE EVENT: We assume no technical knowledge other than that you know how to move a mouse, and type on your keyboard (even if you're one of those one fingered typists like me).

Everything we do will be displayed your computer screen in front of you. It's like looking over our shoulder as we guide you through the process, and you'll simply follow our steps. Be assured, you won't get left behind, and we even have a team of experienced coaches on hand to help you personally.

We truly believe we've made it as easy as possible for you to walk away with a proven, money-making membership site.

Again, the key thing to remember is most of the 'heavy-lifting' is done for you, by us, before and during the event. And afterward, the support you need is literally ONE CLICK away.

Right now, you're excitingly close to accelerating a path to the financial and time freedom you know you've always deserved.

If you accept our invitation to attend the 'Ultimate Membership Site Seminar' Click Here to register your place.

Why is Attending the 'Ultimate Membership Site Seminar' the Best Decision for Your Financial Freedom...?

Please think about these questions carefully...

Are you happy with how much money you have in the bank right now?
Do you believe you're talents are being used to your full potential?
Have other business opportunities resulted in true financial freedom for you?
Can you afford to go on 'testing' lots of different money making methods?

Let's get real. If you decline this invitation, what else will you do to change your current financial situation, get out of debt, and get the financial freedom you deserve?

The Ultimate Membership Site Seminar is the PERFECT SOLUTION for you if you can say "YES" to at least 3 of these statements:

You have an open mind and a positive attitude
You are extremely busy and need a FAST way to learn and grow residual income
You are highly motivated to create your own membership site business to create your financial freedom
You understand the power of recurring revenue, and you're ready and willing to trigger it in your own life
You are ready for your business to support a much better lifestyle for you and your family
You are inundated or even overwhelmed with information and deep down you know you need a 'paint by numbers' system to follow
You are a successful person who is always seeking improvement, and you're now ready to create your own financial future

Don't Take Our Word For It...

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What's the Investment to Create My New Membership Site and Learn the Skills to Trigger Monthly Residual Income?

As you probably know, a typical four or five day seminar commonly sells for many thousands of dollars. For example, Disney Institute charges $3,500 for some of their trainings, and they're certainly terrific value. Many 'Internet Marketing' seminars sell for a similar cost, without any practical implementation or guarantee.

This transformational event is the culmination of countless years of research, testing, and experience by some of the world's leading membership site experts.

That expertise has tremendous value obviously, and to hire any one of our trainers personally for a consultation would cost you at least $10,000.00 a day – not that they even accept personal clients nowadays.

So, we initially discussed a fee of $5,000.00. We agreed that was fair, based on a return of at least $1,000.00 per month that anyone can make if they follow our system explicitly.

However, it's also true that we don't want price to get in the way of this being a life changing event for you. So we put our heads together and came up with a number that I think you will be really excited about.

Seats in the first online session of this program are limited, reserving your seat will cost you nothing today, so take action and reserve your seat today. Make your decision now, and you can secure your place at the Ultimate Membership Site Seminar Online Event.

First Name*
Last Name*
Save My Seat! »

Here's Your 4-Part, No Risk 100% Guarantee

In life and in business there are no guarantees, but the Ultimate Membership Site Online Event is different in every way.

We're determined never to have a single unhappy student. So we've gone to great lengths to put together a big, bold, 4-part unconditional guarantee for you...

"You're 100% Protected By Our 4-Part, No-Risk Guarantee"

We believe in a strong guarantee, to make it irresistibly appealing to you, and virtually RISK-FREE for you to attend Ultimate Membership Site Seminar Online Event.

Attend the Ultimate Membership Site Seminar, follow along with our step-by-step instructions and we promise that:

  1. The online event will be presented without 'geek-speak,' in plain English
  2. You'll create a membership site on a topic of your choice
  3. Using our online event support coaches, you won't get left behind
  4. You'll test your site and start to accept new members before you leave

If you do your part as outlined above, we guarantee to do ours. If we fail to help you as described, let us know at the event and we'll issue you a no questions asked refund.

That means ALL the risk is on us!

It's Decision Making Time...

There's a lot of buzz around this event because of the unique promise that's backed up with our risk-free guarantee. Before this site even went live, we had 218 people registered to attend, and literally thousands of people will be reading this website around the same time as you.

You could easily waste years of your precious time, and tens of thousands of dollars chasing other opportunities that are unproven and not guaranteed. Why continue to bash your head against a brick wall day-after-day to try and find your own path to success, when there's a faster and cheaper option directly in front of you?

Click here to reserve your spot now.

Plug yourself into our system. It's TESTED. It's PROVEN, and IT WORKS! It will take you from financial frustration to financial freedom.

So what are you waiting for? You have absolutely NOTHING to lose, and the opportunity for complete financial liberation to gain.

Go ahead and REGISTER NOW using the button below. We're excited to witness your financial breakthrough with you.

For Your Freedom,

Alex Mandossian
ClickAndBeFree.com, LLC

P.S. 1 - The Ultimate Membership Site Seminar isn't just about making money, it's about creating long-term financial freedom for you, your family and your loved ones.

QUESTION: If NOT THIS ONLINE EVENT, THEN WHAT will you choose to take back control of your financial and time freedom? Only you know the answer to that question. Click here to register ...

P.S. 2 - Have you ever wondered if it's really possible for an 'average' person with a busy family life and no technical knowledge to create a money-making membership site that generates new paying members, even while you sleep? UMSS makes it possible, we guarantee it.

QUESTION: If NOT YOU, THEN WHO will you choose to take control of your financial and time freedom? Only you know the answer to that question. Just click here to register ...

P.S. 3 - Have you ever wondered if it's really possible to live the life of your dreams, walk the white-sand beaches of the world and take back control of your financial and time freedom? UMSS can be your simple solution, if you allow us to serve you

QUESTION: If NOT NOW, THEN WHEN will you choose to take back control of your financial and time freedom? Only you know the answer to that question. Again, click here now to register ...

QUESTION: What WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU DIDN'T SAY "YES" to this online event? Wouldn't your life pretty much be the same? Are you happier with where you are in your life? Do you have the financial resources to retire in the near future? Since you made it this far, our sense is you could use a positive change in your life right now to enjoy the lifestyle you know you've always deserved. Click here now

P.S. 4 - Wow! You're quite the stubborn one, aren't you? Pardon my frankness in asking this question, but ... what's preventing you from saying "YES" to registering for the event when the bullet-proof guarantee means your registration fee is FULLY protected?

Okay, here's a potentially less offensive question...

What COULD HAPPEN IF YOU DID SAY "YES" to Ultimate Membership Site Seminar? Couldn't your life change the moment you made this decision? Couldn't you practically ensure yourself (and your loved-ones) a BIGGER, BOUNCIER, and BRIGHTER financial future?!

C'mon, take back control of your life. Have confidence in yourself and send a strong signal to all those people who doubted you over the years.

I'm Ready, My Time Is Now »

The future possibilities and what it holds for you would be exciting and truly endless. You'll be liberated from the rat race. You'll think about firing your boss. You'll start planning dream vacations. You'll have the confidence and security to make choices that you would never have dreamed were possible before. In short, you'll experience happiness and security and financial freedom like never before.

I'm Ready, My Time Is Now »

Read These 5 Most Frequently
Asked Questions About UMSS

Q: Will I benefit from attending UMSS even if I'm a beginner to Internet marketing?

A: Yes, absolutely. The only requirement is that you have your own computer. All that's required of you is an open mind and a willingness to follow our step-by-step teaching. We promise that you'll be able to follow our "paint-by-numbers" approach.

Our motto is "No one gets left behind!"

We take this VERY seriously and we mean it. That's' why our event is so incredibly successful and EVERYONE makes money because we work with you, and have expert coaches and staff that will ensure your success.

Click here to secure your seat now ...

Q: I'm not sure what topic to choose for my new membership site, does that matter?

A: Most participants will be in that same position with you, so relax. In your specially designed pre-training modules, we'll guide you to narrow down the topics that you're passionate about, and show you how to proceed from there. Actually, the pre-training alone is so comprehensive that we believe that in itself it's worth the price of admission!

Click here to secure your seat now ...

Q: I work full-time. Can I make money on the Internet on a part-time basis?

A: Yes, in fact we highly recommend you keep your full time job until your Internet income matches your current income. At that moment, you will have the freedom to make a responsible decision because you've just doubled your income!

Frankly, it would not be wise to quit your job just yet. Grow your new membership site month-after-month, and eventually you'll be in the financial position to "fire your boss" and quit your full time job.

We don't want you to have unrealistic expectations, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, but it IS the easiest and fastest way that we know of to achieve ongoing residual income.

Q: Isn't it getting competitive to make money on the Internet these days?

A: YES, quite honestly it is. However, membership sites are experiencing a huge growth trend, and they're still in the "ground floor" of opportunity on the Internet. There's still an almost limitless array of niches available to you.

That's why you need to register now to attend the online seminar. We will reveal to you, and to anyone you bring with you, our battle-tested and time-proven secrets to turn from an online marketing amateur to Membership Site Owner in a few days. Go here now, and register...

Click here to secure your seat now ...